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The only non-invasive pressure control device with such simple operation. Once the appropriate cuff is in place, simply press the button to start the measurement - single or continuous. Thanks to the continuous function, we can leave the patient to calm down  in the presence of the owner (or caregiver). This gives us a correct picture of the pressure, without the "white coat" effect. The device will record the measured values, so that we can calculate the needed average of the results later.

The Pettrust device, thanks to the cyclic measurement function, is also perfect for monitoring an anaesthetized patient during the procedure.


  • Systolic, diastolic, mean, HR (heart rate) parameters;
  • Reading time and range: 40 sec, 30-300 mmHg;
  • Measurement cycles 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90 minutes, 2 hours or Off;
  • STAT mode: 5 minutes of continuous measurement;
  • Pulse range 32-240 bpm;
  • Mini USB port;
  • Weight 475 g, dimensions 190 x 90 x 50 mm;
  • 3 color LCD/LED display;
  • Large memory capacity up to 999 results;
  • Cyclic/automatic/measurement for surgery;
  • Large LCD for easy settings;
  • A fully charged lithium battery lasts for 800 measurements;
  • Full range of cuff sizes for dogs and cats.

How to use the PetTrust blood pressure monitor watch the video

PetTrust veterinary blood pressure monitor – Głowacki-Vet online store

The PetTrust blood pressure monitor is a practical device designed for veterinary offices and clinics. With it, you can easily measure the blood pressure of a cat or dog, because the blood pressure monitor has cuffs in different sizes. This advanced device allows you to take a measurement quickly. During the examination, the doctor may leave the room and leave the animal patient with their owner in order to reduce stress. The PetTrust veterinary blood pressure monitor calculates the average of the measurements and provides the doctor with reliable information about the animal's health. 

The PetTrust veterinary blood pressure monitor is equipped with a large, three-color LCD display, a powerful lithium battery and a large memory. The device is easy to use and has many useful functions, m.in. it allows you to monitor the pressure of the animal under anesthesia. The veterinary blood pressure monitor is small in size, making it easy to transport. In addition, it is low in failure and very durable. 

When you can use PetTrust

  • Surgery

Hypotension is a common problem with anesthesia. It may result from too high a dose of anesthetic, excessive peripheral vasodilation or reduced cardiac output. Therefore, it is worth monitoring this parameter.

  • Clinical Trial

Hypertension in dogs and cats is often secondary to other cardiovascular, kidney, and endocrine health problems.
This condition is also associated with many complications affecting the eyes or nerves. These include blindness, epilepsy and loss of consciousness.
Low pressure can cause the animal to become visibly weak.
Regular measurements will allow you to detect any irregularities early.

  • Treatment control

This refers to the treatment of hypertension, to which each animal responds individually.
Some patients will need more time to stabilize under the influence of medication.

PetTrust Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor – User Reviews

The PetTrust veterinary blood pressure monitor has great reviews. Customers emphasize that it is a durable, durable and very solidly made device. In addition, it is easy to handle and guarantees accurate measurements. Veterinarians also appreciate it for its ergonomic shape and high-quality display. The PetTrust blood pressure monitor is eagerly ordered for both small, private veterinary practices and large clinics. 

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