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Nowej generacji wapno sodowane Sodasorb LF. Dostępne w postaci gotowego wkładu lub w worku.

What sets Sodasorb®LF apart from the rest?

Permanent, high-contrast color change when absorbent capacity is exhausted or if absorbent becomes desiccated Eliminates the potential dangers that come with inhalation anesthesia such as the production of compound A, carbon monoxide, and heat generation due to the desecration Unique formulation makes the use of anesthetic agents more efficient Minimal resistance to gas flow Unique, uniform, pellet shape reduces caustic dust making for cleaner equipment and faster change-out Proven safety record ensures the comfort and well-being of both patients and staff Sodasorb® LF is available in convenient pre-pak cartridges or in Canister Pak bags.
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