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  • VET DREAM TEAM - team management in the veterinary clinic edition ŁÓDŹ 24-25.02.2023

This is an original training for owners and managers of clinics, already the 7th edition!

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If you have employees or are thinking about the development of your clinic, these workshops are essential for you ! Do not let personal topics become your nightmare, learn the proven principles of managing people that you were not taught either in college or during work and enjoy a harmonious and effective team!



What will we teach you?

  • Conduct an interview to select the right candidate
  • Situational leadership
  • Effective delegation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Communication without "drama"
  • Ways to retain the best employees
  • Dealing with conflicts in the team

Fantastic 2 days filled with knowledge, discussions and great energy!




When? February 24 & 25 (2 days)

Where? FOCUS Hotel, Lodz

Price: 2600 PLN gross (including 23% VAT)

Price with code MEGAVET - 2500 PLN gross

Enter the discount code during registration on the event organizer's website: 

  >>> https://vetdreamteam-edycja-lodz-2023.konfeo.com <<<


We have great opinions and we know that our trainings bring real benefits!


Get to know the opinions of participants of previous editions of our trainings:

  • It was the first time I was at a training where there was such a wonderful, open atmosphere and mutual contact
  • I am very happy, I know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong, I know what changes to make, I am well motivated to act
  • Would you recommend your friends to participate in this training?  Yes, definitely - 4.95 / 5 points


Who conducts the training?

Aneta Wójcik - experienced manager, HR trainer

Wet. Anna Dominiak, Novatika.pl - trainer, certified FRIS Style of Thinking trainer, co-creator of the Women Veterinary project.



Day 1, Friday

9.00 - 17.00

Welcome and registration of participants


Management basics – organizing, planning, delegating and controlling

  1. Benchmarking – what is it? 
  2. The specificity of work in the clinic
  3. Building and managing a team 
  4. Division of duties / specializations

Time for Lunch


  1. Recruitment and selection of employees - who do you need and how to choose the right person?
  2. What is the job market like today? About millennials
  3. Create a job description
  4. Building a profile of the candidate you are looking for
  5. Rules for conducting a job interview
  6. Adaptation of new employees – onboarding 
  7. Mission and values of the company


Time for integration, discussion, networking

20.00  We organize an additional paid meeting in a selected restaurant



Day 2, Saturday

8.30 – 16.30

COMMITMENT and MOTIVATION How to keep a valuable employee? 

  1. How does Wellbeing grow my business?
  2. Building employee engagement
  3. Principles of effective motivation 
  4. Non-financial motivation
  5. Goal-based management
  6. Design and implementation of the periodic evaluation system
  7. Conducting evaluative and motivational interviews 

Time for lunch

The biggest challenges in team management

  1. Case studies and situations from your clinics
  2. Practical exercises

16.00 Summary and end of the workshop




Anna Dominiak, novatika.pl - vet., FEZ business trainer, trainer with over 10 years of experience, certified FRIS Style of Thinking trainer. Owner of the training and marketing company Novatika. She cooperated with an international veterinary concern, where she dealt with scientific communication and created innovative, inspiring projects connecting veterinarians and business. Co-creator of the "Women Veterinary Medicine" project. He knows the realities of veterinary clinic work in Poland, believes in the power of good communication and cooperation,

 Aneta Wójcik - manager with over 12 years of experience in managing a large marketing and sales team, mainly female. She studied Human Resources Management and Marketing at the University of Economics and the European University. She completed many courses, including: Senior Leadership Program I and II degree in the UK, and the Effective Manager Program. He knows that the daily work of veterinarians is intense, requiring the ability to cope with difficult situations. Then good, well-coordinated teams work. Aneta will tell you how to build and manage such a team, as well as how to motivate employees to achieve their goals.

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