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  • SHIELD FORCE PLUS Protective sealant for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin [WOE]

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  • Treatment of hypersensitive dentin.
  • Reduction of abrasion and erosion of exposed cervical dentin.
  • Alleviating and/or preventing tooth sensitivity for direct and indirect restorations.

  • Quick pain relief. 
Shield Force Plus reduces hypersensitivity after application.
  • Long runtime.
Thin and durable coating and resin soothe and prevent hypersensitivity for a long time.
  • Easy to use.
Only one application, no rinsing required, no rubbing required.

Monomer of phosphoric acid, Bis - GMA, TEGDMA, HEMA, campforquinone, alcohol and purified water.

Mechanism of action:
After applying Shield Force Plus to the previously prepared tooth surface, the 3D-SR monomer and tooth calcium react with each other and the product of this reaction accumulates in the dentin tubules. On the surface, when the solvent and water evaporate by gently drying with air blowing, a thin layer is formed. At this stage, the dentin tubules are sealed and hypersensitivity is reduced. After light curing, the components in the dentin tubules and on a thin layer on the applied surface are combined and polymerized with each other, and then a durable polymerized layer is formed. 

Long-term relieving of hypersensitivity provides a Double Block Effect:
1. Sealing of dentin tubules between adhesive monomer and calcium,
2. Durable polymerized layer on the dentin surface.
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