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Innovative portable X-ray system - handy and lightweight
Wireless system allows you to take high-resolution X-rays anywhere. So you need an X-ray machine for the whole practice. A long-life lithium-polymer battery should only be charged after 400 shots.
In addition, different exposure times for different teeth can be stored and displayed on the LCD screen.
In addition, low radiation levels protect you and your patients.
Technical data:
Exposure time: 0.5 - 0.7 sec.
Irradiated field: 0.6 mm
Exposeor type: high frequency
Power: 180 W
Voltage: 60 kV
Thimage: 2 mA
Accumulator: lithium-polymer
Dimensions (cm): L 20 x H 15 x D 14.5
Weight: 2.35 kg
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