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The Mistral-Air patient heater is a device designed to prevent hypothermia.


Mistral-Air combines modern design with efficiency and ease of use. The device uses a method of heating with the use of forced flow of warm air.

The principle of operation of forced-flow heating systems is based on the use of an electrically powered device consisting of a blower and a heating element. Mistral-Air blows the heated air via a flexible hose into the blanket with which the patient is covered. The Mistral-Air heater also allows the use of configurations in which the patient is laid out on a blanket or is surrounded by a heating sleeve.


Mistral-Air Plus is a quiet and efficient device - it delivers air at a given temperature to the patient in less than 30 seconds. The default temperature of 38°C is activated when the heater is switched on and guarantees an immediate start of therapy. The user has the option of choosing one of 4 available temperature ranges of the blown air. In order to ensure patient safety, the device is equipped with an alarm of exceeding the set temperature and technical alarms. Mistral-Air is an easy to carry device, has the ability to be mounted on a regular drip stand and patient's bed as well as can be placed on a special riding base with a basket for blankets. Additional quick mounting systems on the wall, medical rail or bed are also available. 

The wide range of Mistral-Air blankets provides the right type of blanket for each application and gives you the opportunity to use it both before, during and after surgery. Mistral-Air blankets are available in more than 15 configurations for various applications (m.in adult, pediatric, neonatal, sterile cardiac surgery, upper and lower body). Mistral-Air blankets are also available in a version with a special, additional thermal insulation coating, which increases heating efficiency and allows you to maintain heat also after turning off the device.

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