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The NeedleSmart device is designed as a sealed melting chamber in a sterilized, safe form and effectively minimizes the possibility of postoperative needle injury (NSI).

The NeedleSmart device heats the inserted needles to over 1300 °C, which kills potential harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adjacent to the needle. Sterilizing the needle to be thrown away and melting it into a safe ball inside the product enables waste disposal with significant cost savings.

  • Stage 1 The used subcutaneous needle is inserted into the NeedleSmart device using our special guide mechanism.
  • Stage 2 NeedleSmart detects the presence of a needle and starts the destruction process by heating the needle to over 1300°C.
  • Step 3 within seconds, the damaged needle is released from the NeedleSmart device as a safe, sterile metal ball at the end of the syringe.
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