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  • NarkoVet SAV Respirator for small animals [ECM]

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    • NarkoVet SAV settings are extremely user-friendly, just set the patient's body weight and the intelligent software will automatically adjust all other ventilation parameters


    • Simple patient control - the respirator independently controls all breathing parameters


    • Respirator has three different ventilation modes: volume-controlled ventilation (VCV), pressure-controlled ventilation (PIP-CV), apnea mode (controlled spontaneous breathing with apnea detection)


    • All ventilation parameters can be controlled thanks to the large color display


    • Touch, angled control panel definitely simplifies operation and allows you to quickly modify ventilation settings


    • NarkoVet SAV ensures high patient safety with acoustic and optical alarms.


    • Candes battery life - long battery life up to 4 hours



      Technical specification

    • Breast volume/min: 2 - 60 bpm


    • Expiratory volume: 20 - 1500 ml


    • Maximum ventilation pressure: 5-35 cmH₂O


    • Heal pressure: -9.0 - -1.0 cmH₂O


    • Patient weight range: 2-100 kg


    • Touch screen: 5-inch color LCD, 800 x 480 pixels


    • Nets & battery power, battery life up to 4 hours


    • Power: 100 - 240 V.


    • NETS voltage: 50/60 Hz


    • Dimensions (mm): L 253 x W 224 x H 112


    • Weight: approx. 3.2 kg



      The fans are pneumatically driven. A source of compressed air is required for the operation of NarkoVet SAV (e.g. compressor no. 17430002).


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