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Classic women's surgical sweatshirt in a cat pattern, cut off on the chest, neckline finished with a pleat


A new version of the classic BL 55 sweatshirt made of light, soft and very pleasant to the touch fabric with a composition of 100% cotton. The fabric is airy, the colors do not displace, it works great during hot summer days and when convenience and comfort in performing professional activities is of particular importance.


Choose from a variety of designs, both neutral and child-friendly. Such sweatshirts are ideally suited, for example, in children's wards and at the dentist.


Despite the patterned fabric, the cut of the clothes remains very classic: the short-sleeved sweatshirt is cut off on the chest with a neckline finished with a pleat.


The sweatshirt has two lower pockets and one on the chest and slits on the sides.


The length of the sweatshirt measured by the middle of the back in the size. 40 is 68 cm.

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