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Melag autoclaves have proven themselves for decades in many veterinary clinics. Melag is a world leader in the hygiene sector, through continuous product development, ensures a high level of quality. Such an extensive network of service partners offers reliable services.
S-class autoclaves meet the stringent provisions of the European standard EN 13060 and are intended for use in veterinary hospitals where the instruments used do not require Class B autoclaves. An effective vacuum pump creates a vacuum at the beginning of the sterilization process, in order to help drain air from the chamber and create a secondary vacuum for optimal drying results, especially for packaged products.
The design enables comprehensive documentation options, with network connection, via MELA Flash CF card printers or connection to a MELAprint 42 dot matrix printer. Maximum load: 4 kg of instruments, 1 kg of fabrics
Weight: 45 kg
Contains 1 tray
Power: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption: 2600 W
A device to fit on a 60 cm table top
Comricular size: 22 ltr, 250 x 450 mm
Dimensions: 425 x 485 x 690 mm
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