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The accurate, reliable and ergonomic DENTAL Hiray X-ray machine - high frequency, offers easy-to-use features, the best performance and excellent image quality.
To achieve the goal of the highest quality and reliability, Hiray Dental enables short exposure times, significant dose reductions for the patient and repeatable, high-quality X-rays.
Lower dose for patient, higher resolution for veterinarian
Simple, intuitive and secure
Thought-out design and short exposure time helps speed up workflow
Stable arms guarantee precise linear movement to reduce the risk of the lamp moving when taking a photo,
Creates the highest quality images with a small focal length (0.4 mm), using whether films, image plates or digital sensors
Technical data
focal: 0.4 mm
Exposure time: 0.01 – 2 sec.
High voltage: 60 – 65 – 70 kVp
Anode current: 5 mA
Minim distance from skin: 200 mm
Irradiation area: at 200 Ø 55 mm
Power: 120 – 230 V (+/–10 %)
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