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HiRay 5 is the most powerful X-ray machine with small dimensions. It generates 5 kW with a weight of only 14 kg. A higher mA range allows for shorter exposure times. It is ideal for imaging, for example, the chest in small animals. An integrated collimator sight in the form of a cross and two laser pointers allow for light and easy discepting any radiographic position. The focus position can now be determined quickly and accurately.


Technical data

Voltage settings: 120 kV & 100 mAs (30 mA)

Current settings: 50 kV & 32 mAs (100 mA)

CV settings: 40 – 120 kV (1 kV steps)

mAs settings: 0.3 – 100 mAs (26 settings)

Generator: high frequency inverter, nominal output power 5 kW

1.8 mm x 1.8 mm focal length

Colimator: lamp with 30 sec timer and pointer

Bowder type "deadman" type with collapsible cable

Dimensions (mm): L350 x W 203 x H 160

Weight: 14 kg

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