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Paediatric Stethoscope HEINE GAMMA® 3.3


For the highest accuracy of auscultation in the smallest patients.


  • Double-sided auscultation head with two different ranges of transmitted frequencies, to choose from: a high-quality diaphragm on one side and an auscultation funnel on the other side.
  • Funnel diameter 30mm.
  • The reduced contact surface of the auscultation head to 31 mm makes the GAMMA 3.3 stethoscope ideal for examining small patients.
  • Design with excellent sound transmission.
  • Includes ear olives (large / soft).
  • Optional: eared olives (small / hard) (ask for an offer).
  • A robust auscultation head with an ideal weight protects against the penetration of interference from the outside and ensures excellent quality of auscultation of the patient. Hygienic, matte, chrome-plated.
  • Auscultation head with a "warm" border for patient comfort.
  • Chrome-plated ear pads, individually adjustable.
  • High-quality auscultation cable with "Y" design that perfectly transmits sounds and acoustics.
  • Latex-free auscultation cables.
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