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EICKEMEYER® presents an operating microscope that helps master the daily routine of surgery and obtain the best possible surgical result for the patient.

The EICKEMEYER® Advanced operating microscope is extremely compact and versatile in ophthalmic surgery. It is characterized by easy and accurate positioning. It also has an integrated XY engine clutch. This allows you to quickly and easily change the position of the microscope head and is controlled by a foot control panel.

Binocular skewed: 60°, f = 159 mm

W 10 x V envelopes with diopter compensation

APO lens f = 200 mm

Apochromatic 5-step zoom changer

Motorized precision focusing: 40 mm

XY connector 50 x 50 mm

Foot switch for focusing and joining XY and brightness


Filters: retinal protective filter GG 475, yellow FILTER against IR and UV radiation

Litlit: Coaxial 15 V / 150 W cold light with replacement lamp
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