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Compact, easy-to-use dental CR reader for fast and high-quality digital X-ray images – now in higher resolution.

Asy-easy to use, the DigiVet CR PLUS dental reader provides excellent image quality. With a resolution of 21 lp/mm, this system leaves nothing to be desired.

With the "Push-and-go" function, creating images - even for inexperienced people - is child's play.

The starter pack contains the 2 most important films to write - larger - for dental X-ray and the original film in size 4c. Importantly, the true size of 4c of the image is available, so you do not need to use software to combine images. The built-in erase function eliminates the need for an additional device.

Thanks to its small format, it is suitable for even the smallest practices

X-ray equipment can be used

In the on-screen preview option, the image quality can be easily checked

Easking to use: the user is guided step by step, thanks to on-screen visualization - eliminates complicated training

Audent calibration for stability and long-term performance

User-friendly imaging software

With the included software, image capture and management is optimized.

The user-friendly software makes it easier to function in veterinary practice and does not require much training: To make sure that the scans are assigned to the right positions, the operator simply selects the appropriate tooth on the software dental chart.

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