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Optibrand® ClearView® 2 camera is an ophthalmic device that uses an interintered Apple iPod touch® system to show a wide-angle image of the retina.
Image modes for automatic and manual capture
Automatically saves images
Retin images can be viewed instantly and sent as emails or SMS messages
Move to PC/MAC via iTunes®
Pupil size: diameter 5 mm or greater
Vision field: 50° wide angle
Operating distance: 50 mm
Littlement: White LED provided by Apple iPod touch®
Distance strength: -20 D to + 20 D, autofocus adjustment
Operation modes: encrypted /unencrypted data mode
Image size: 1920 x 1920 pixels (approx. 3.5 MP)
Image format: JPEG
Batter life: 50 sessions on a full charge
(2-minute applications)
Software: ClearView 2 from the App Store®
Photo tube length: 180 mm
Camber mount length: 134 mm (iPod touch®)
Total width: 94 mm
Weight: 325 g (lens tube with handle only), 413 g (with Built-in Apple iPod touch®)
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