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The centrifuge MPW-150R with cooling is a high performance laboratory micro-cooler. It is widely used in all kinds of laboratories including medical, scientific and industrial, biochemical, veterinary and others. The centrifuge ensures versatility of applications, high spin parameters as well as precision and repeatability of processes. It has a wide range of available rotors and other equipment.


  • temperature + 4 ° C provided for maximum speed of each rotor
  • delayed start function
  • start working at a certain temperature
  • pre-cooling with / without spin, cooling after spin, precise temperature stabilization
  • maintenance-free induction motor
  • modern programming system
  • large LCD graphic display - screen blank after idle period
  • intuitive changes of displayed RPM / RCF spin parameters
  • visual and audible alarms that indicate the operating status of the centrifuge
  • dedicated button for rapid cooling of the centrifuge to 4 ° C for a maximum time of 6 minutes
  • simultaneous display of set point and current speed or RCF, time, temperature
  • 100 user programs
  • 10 acceleration / deceleration characteristics
  • speed ​​regulation / RCF
  • manual spin radius setting (with automatic RCF correction)
  • two countdown modes: from pressing the start key or reaching the set speed
  • HOLD continuous mode
  • work in SHORT mode
  • possibility to change parameters during spin
  • rotor identification
  • automatic opening of the lid
  • USB connector - recording spin parameters (PC, free MPW editor)
  • change of OSD language (EN, EN, ES, IT, PT, DE, RU, FR, SE)
  • block selected features, password access protection
  • programmable density setting for samples> 1.2g / cm3 (with automatic maximum speed correction)
  • stainless steel centrifuge chamber
  • wide range of available rotors (per 2ml / 1.5ml tubes, 2ml / 1.5ml, 1.8ml / 1.6ml CRYO Sarstedt, 5ml Eppendorf, 15ml / 10ml Falcon, PCR, capillary 75mm


Power supply : 230V - 50Hz; 100V, 110V, 120V, 127 - 60Hz
Power [W] : 500
Capacity [ml] : 90
Max. RPM [m-1] : 90 ÷ 15 000
Max. RCF [x g] : 21 382
Setting time : 1s ÷ 99h 59min 59s, step 1s
Dimensions H x W x D [mm] : 285 x 299 x 595
Height with open lid : 565
Weight [kg] : 33
Min. acceleration time [s] : 6
Min. braking time [s] : 5
Temperature : -20°C ÷ +40°C
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