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The MPW-56 centrifuge is a small laboratory centrifuge designed for general use, which is used in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial and other laboratories. It is perfect in veterinary medicine for parasitological testing.

It is possible to connect the centrifuge to a 12V cigarette lighter socket through a 600W converter. This provides the opportunity to work in the field and get the results quickly.


  • a centrifuge designed with the specific needs of family physicians and veterinarians
  • maintenance-free induction motor
  • intuitive setting of spinning parameters
  • LCD display
  • RPM/RCF adjustment
  • 1 acceleration/deceleration curve
  • easy operation
  • centrifuging time adjustment
  • small size


Power supply : 100÷230V 50/60Hz
Power [W] : 70
Capacity [ml] : 120
Max. RPM [m-1] : 100 ÷ 6 000
Max. RCF [x g] : 3 340
Setting time : 15s ÷ 99min 59s, step 1s
Dimensions H x W x D [mm] : 180 x 220 x 270
Height with open lid : 367
Weight [kg] : 4
Min. acceleration time [s] : 38
Min. braking time [s] : 26
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