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CLEARFIL™ UNIVERSAL BOND QUICK is a universal, reliable self-etching system. All you have to do is apply it, dry it, expose it and that's it. There is no need to wait, rub or apply several layers. So we simplify the procedure and save time, minimizing the risk of errors during application, and at the same time we obtain the highest parameters of binding strength. The technological solutions used in this product, hidden under the name "Rapid Bond Technology", make it possible to obtain a strong, durable adhesive connection in one simple procedure. This preparation can be used in any etching technique and as silane in adhesive cementation procedures and intraoral repairs.

All indications. One binding system.


- No rubbing. No waiting. It is enough to apply, dry and harden.
- Ideal for all restorations, both direct and indirect.
- Designed for complete etching, selective etching and self-etching techniques.
- Universal - thanks to silane, it provides a durable bond, also in the case of intraoral repairs.
- Compatible with virtually all composite materials, even double-binding.
- The procedure requires much less time than most other bonds available.

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