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BTL-6000 HIL High Energy Laser 12W

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High Energy Laser Therapy (HIL) is a revolutionary technology based on proven low-power laser therapy (LLLT). The use of high power - up to 12 W, which is 50 times higher than in cold laser therapy allows deep penetration, providing causal pain therapy. High-energy laser covers a wide range of clinical indications from injuries and inflammation through degenerative changes in the joints. 

Power to 12W - up to 50 times higher than a low-power laser (LLLT) 

1064 nm wavelength

Dead tissue penetration

Read protocols and therapeutic encyclopedia

Coloring touchscreen

Basic properties

• Deep penetration up to 12W

• Maximum therapeutic effects using a wavelength of 1064 nm

• Pulsed laser operation for immediate pain reduction

• Precise application in the treatment area

• Automatic conversion of therapy parameters

• 5.7"color touchscreen

• Safety - operation with a foot controller

Technical parameters

work mode       continuous, pulse, single pulse

Rescript count       61

Security features         safety switch

            support via foot driver

               door switch

Dimensions         320 × 190 × 280 mm

Power           230 V/50–60 Hz, 115 V/50–60 Hz

Brato class     IV

Tool protection class      IIB

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