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  • BIOCHEMICAL ANALYZER B200 for veterinary medicine (MEO)

We present you a sensational biochemical Analyzer B200, which is ideal in veterinary medicine. The camera all steps automatically, along with the pipetowaniem serum and reagents. Programming takes about 10 seconds, and commissioned tests the camera performs without user intervention, allowing you to save time and do other work.

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The smallest and most economical automatic analyser for biochemical research.

Programming the camera takes approximately 10 seconds.

Has the reaction Cuvette reusable (up to 2 years).

Has the function of cooling reagents, which prevents their degradation.



  • smallest automatic Analyzer on the market (dimensions: 60x50x41cm, weight 30 kg)
  • 5 preset animal species
  • up to 80 marks/h
  • simple and easy-to-use menu
  • cooling reagents
  • reading time each reaction: what do 24s, up to 10 min
  • 30 items odczynnikowych
  • 64 entries for samples, standards and control
  • detection reagent level sensor
  • wavelength: 340, 405, 492, 505, 546, 578, 620 nm
  • in: laptop
  • high quality and reproducibility of the results
  • memory: one million records
  • the ability to insert samples CITO
  • the ability to preview our current camera operation
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